Airport Taxi Service

Getting to the airport can be stressful; driving yourself you have to worry about parking and the security of your car.  On the other hand, getting a ride you have to rely on someone else's punctuality. 

Instead call Cool Cab!  We'll get you there on time and pick you up when you get back too!

When you land the last thing you want is to be waiting around to be picked up.  When your scheduled ride doesn't show up in time it's not only annoying but it derails whatever else you may have planned.

Instead, Call Cool Cab to schedule your ride.  We'll be on time and your plans won't get messed up!

What about if your flight is canceled when it is critical that you get to Las Vegas for your best friend's wedding? Even worse! 

Call Cool Cab and we can rush you down to Seatac to catch the next flight out!  Crisis adverted!

Layout of Bellingham International Airport

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