Cool Cab offers the following services:

  • Taxi Service- Ride with a professionally licensed taxi driver; we transport up to 4 passengers at a time between locations of your choice. 

    Our standard rates are $2.50 flag drop (minimum charge to start the ride) plus $2.60 per mile. 
    Fare does not include tip for the driver, we recommend a 15% gratuity adjusted based on performance.
    • Personal Driver Service- Perfect for when you have to run all over town but don't want to pay the metered rate plus wait time for the driver or don't want to have to call a cab after each errand.

      Minimum $60 per hour up to $120 per hour (Can include driving you around Whatcom County and going into stops with you to assist with purchases, carry bags, etc.). 

      Hourly rate is determined on a per case basis depending on need and situation and is subject to change.

    • Scheduled Driver Service- (Pre-Paid By Third Party) Great for teenage passengers for events like school dances. Parents can make arrangements for the transport of kids from one place to another, we calculate distance and the fare amount up front and accept payment via credit card over the phone ahead of time. Parents control where, when and payment so kids don't have to carry cash and parents don't have to worry! This ensures that your kids will get there and won't make any unscheduled stops or get lost.

    • Delivery of Goods Service- If your favorite restaurant doesn't deliver and you really just want to stay at home, have Cool Cab Deliver! 

      Pick Up fee is $20 plus standard cab fare from pick up location to delivery location. 

      All picked up items must be ordered and paid for from vendor prior to pick up, our driver will not pay for your dinner and wait to be reimbursed!

    • Tour Guide Service- Customized tours based on interests, how much time you have and current conditions. Moving Tour for people moving to the area or thinking about relocating, we provide personalized area tours based on individual interests and provide advice for services, places to look for specific items, where to shop, etc..

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