Friday, April 29, 2016

Let life smack you in the face a couple of times

Life is the journey and happiness is the destination (that some of us, unfortunately, will never reach).  Get your bags packed, step in to your car and set out on the journey of your lifetime.  Let life smack you right in the face a couple of times.  Be free, flow with it, not against it.

We each set out on the road trip that is life with certain goals in mind.  We decide what stops we want to make along the way, plan out an itinerary and we map out a route.  Some choose to go to college, others backpack across Europe and some grab the first job they come across and settle in.  Some move as far away from their hometown as they can and others take root in the place where generations have grown and flourished.  Some people stick to their itinerary, some throw it out the window while driving 70 miles an hour down the freeway and others never bothered to make one.  

We are continually driving forward toward our destination until we come to an unexpected dead end.  Finding no obvious detour routes, you are forced to turn around, travel the same road which lead you there, to find a new unencumbered route and possibly a new direction entirely.

Sometimes, by our own choice, we take a quick detour, we go off on a tangent.  Every once in awhile that detour becomes your new path.  Other times you return to your original route and continue on with the road trip as planned.

Along the way you will encounter speed bumps, detours, roundabouts and road blocks.  Learning to navigate through these many obstacles without delay or damage is important.

We all have a round-about way of living. Some follow directions and read the road signs, some follow their instincts ignoring any external influences to focus on what their inner psychic says, some just make it up as they go, some are just flat out lost causing a massive annoyance to all. 

There are some drivers who don't properly plan their travels and therefore slow everyone down looking for whatever they need to get back on the road and to their destination. These and the negative people you come across are speed bumps.  The outcome of these encounters vary based on your choice of how to handle them.   You can slow down and carefully navigate over them and be on your merry way or you can take them full speed and pop a tire. 

Too many drivers on the road of life feel they are more important than all others sharing the road and they eventually become a roadblock.  They cut people off, don't signal when changing lanes and demonstrate their superiority by ignoring any and all rules of the road.  Often these self-important jerks are in such a hurry or so distracted they wind up wrecking.  Then they throw a fit because it's everyone else's fault, never accepting responsibility for the damage, injuries or the giant traffic snarl they have created.           

You know those stupid giant planters in the middle of intersections that have been popping up everywhere?  They call them roundabouts meant to slow traffic and regulate without causing confusion or delay like at 4 way stops.  Roundabout people are the ones that want to control the way you live and tell you how everything should be done (their way or the highway!)   

If your own free will is compromised so is the road to happiness. We must continually adapt to every new situation we encounter in order to keep moving forward.  Just remember that you cannot control the chaos that surrounds you but you can control how you react to it.  


If you're really smart and want to avoid all those hassles you could call Cool Cab and let Johnie drive you to your destination!

Unless we can join Forces

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Throwback Taxi Thursday

On this Throwback Thursday I share with you a little history.  Johnie found his calling some time back when he started driving for a taxi service.  Johnie has always loved driving and he is very good at it but it was the passengers that was the deciding factor.  So he began to dream and he developed his idea of starting his own taxi company, Cool Cab.  The mission of Cool Cab would be providing excellent taxi service with a laid back, comfortable vibe and incorporating technology into the dispatch process to make the arrangements as smooth as possible.

The concept for the logo of the smiley face with a peace sign and yin yang for eyes and a heart for a tongue was also Johnie's brainchild.  He explained his idea to me and  with his input along the way, I designed the Cool Cab logo hoping it would be eye catching and memorable.  Our logo represents the things needed to feel complete satisfaction in life; Peace, Love, Happiness, Balance and Unity.  We call him Zennie since he is our interpretation of Zen personified.

Each step we take toward achieving our dream is a challenge but we are up for it!  We are still on the journey to making that dream a reality.

This throwback is about the beginning of that dream.  This the first taxi that Johnie drove for Designated Taxi which is now out of business.  This Prius was the kindling that started a blaze under Johnie and that is now a forest fire still burning white hot.

johnie's first taxi job