Friday, December 25, 2015

A Humble Moment on Christmas (Taxi Stories)

Today, work has been slow by all measures. Christmas celebrations were limited, as far as gifts go. The budget was tight this year Hence, my working Christmas evening instead of spending it with loved ones.

When I'm working I usually go to The Wonderful Buffet for lunch (although it's about the time most people would be having dinner). I normally just grab a to-go box and bounce back to the airport. But today is slow and the next flight wasn't due for another hour and a half. So I shocked the whole staff when I told them I was dining in.

I had a seat next to a gentleman that wreaked of urine and was clearly homeless. It was awfully disturbing and hard to eat with the stench lingering. But I powered through it and just continued with dinner. After my third and final plate, I noticed he was counting change to pay his bill. I reached into my pocket and gave him $20. Money that I'd received from tips the last couple of days.

He insisted I sit with him as he drew a picture of me. Which is funny because I was already sitting next to him, still had food on my plate and had made no move to leave yet. So I awkwardly finish eating as he draws a portrait of me. I pay for my meal and head towards the door. I wish him a Merry Christmas and he hands me this picture as a thank you. It makes me feel good to be able to help another human even just a little but I always wish I could do more.

And I tell this story not because I need my ego stroked. I tell it because of how it impacted me, I actually got a bit teary over the exchange. Not even sure why??  But, I do wish I could have done more...

Merry Christmas to all!!! Much Love